Small companies also support voice and gesture Guards smart watches

29/06/2013 15:56

 It seems, wearable device really is the trend. We learned through previous reports, Apple, Google, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers are rumored intention to launch its own smart watches, even Foxconn is no exception. However, this time to introduce the Smart Watch is just a start-up company developed by the Indiegogo project - Kreyos.


Kreyos special is that developers claim that this is the only one currently on the market to support both voice commands and gesture controlled smart watches. Users Kreyos can use voice-activated Siri, answering incoming calls, and even dictate text messages, e-mail content, or mobile phone with a simple gesture. Do all this without your iPhone in his pocket.


In addition, Kreyos also has an open, high degree of freedom of the SDK (software development kit), allows developers to implement their ideas, regardless of health status or Bluetooth speaker tracking no problem. If you do not like to wear it in your hand, you can remove the strap, its not on the clothes or bag.


Note that, Kreyos Smart Watch has not yet started production. Therefore, the developer of conception is indeed very perfect, but how creative ideas into reality, which requires them to strive to achieve it.

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